Which Means…

More Sleepless Nights Chained To The Toilet, and Every Visit To The Bathroom Is A Struggle.

Dear Reader,

I couldn’t believe it when I saw the latest research:

Over 74% of men over 70 have trouble going to the bathroom…

Due to an enlarged prostate!

And what’s worse, according to Health Navigator 1 in 3 men have trouble stopping and starting when standing over the toilet to urinate.

What this means is after they finish a bit more trickles out…

Sometimes right after they have adjusted their clothes causing wet patches inside the pants.

What some men end up doing instead of buying embarrassing diapers like Depends,’ is they peel off toilet paper from the roll and stick it in-between their pants and their tallywacker.

Now, there are several prescription drugs that can help you urinate, like Flomax, but the problem is all of them can cause ED – erectile dysfunction which can destroy sex life.

Just look at these side effects:

In my experience men don’t like to take pharmaceuticals, but up until NOW, there were no good over the counter (all-natural) solutions for the symptoms of enlarged prostate and BPH.

Some men have even considered surgery…

But once the terrible side effects of these invasive procedures are exposed they change their minds quickly – they come to realize this is not an option!

One surgical option is to peel your prostate like a banana
with a scalpel to make it smaller.


And just take a look at some of the side effects of these other surgical options:

As you can see none of these side effects sound pleasant.

But why would a man choose the surgical route?

Probably because no other solution was presented to them by their surgeon.


Most men don’t know that a natural solution exists..

Until now!

I want to tell you about my 72-year-old friend who got off Flomax who now ‘pees like a bull on a flat rock’ (his words)…

And now has his sex life back.

I am talking about ‘fogging up the windows’ like when he was a teenager parked in his daddy’s car at the drive-in theatre.

His name is Gary, and before he was on Flomax, he couldn’t take a piss if his life depended on it.

As a matter of fact, he told me he felt like, “he was chained to the toilet.”

However, once he started taking Flomax, more troubles began.

THEN he had trouble with ED – erectile dysfunction – one of the side effects of prescription medications.

Gary told me his doctor said, “because your prostate is enlarged, a symptom of BPH, this is why you can not get or maintain an erection.

Embarrassing stuff, especially for a man who prides himself on being able to please his wife of 30 plus years.

But I digress… we were talking about his bathroom problems.

One symptom Gary related to was not being able to urinate properly and the sleepless nights from having to get up over and over to the bathroom.

But what he said was worse than having to pee all the time was – once he got in front of the toilet nothing happened – he just stood there with his privates in his hand.

This left him exhausted every single day.

Because whenever he got up to pee, it affected his sleep patterns which meant less time in deep recovery sleep.

Does this sound like you?

It’s unlikely your life depends on finding a solution to get off drugs like Flomax or to ‘Unchain Yourself From The Toilet.’

But if being able to urinate when you want to, without standing for hours over the toilet sounds like something you want then pay close attention.

Gary said he knew Flomax was not the solution for him…

So he started out on a journey to find a natural solution, NOT a pharmaceutical that would allow him to go to the bathroom whenever he wanted to.

And he found it in the strangest place.

So he spent many weeks gathering up all the information he could find, researched natural substances and herbs that help the prostate function normally.

Then he took all this information to consult his naturalist friend a compound pharmacist for 40 years.

And this is when it got interesting because his friend already had something he was using himself.

Here’s his exact words, “well I’ll be more than happy to put something together for you but why don’t you try this compound that I already created after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 18 months ago. Now I piss like a racehorse.”

“I haven’t had any problem with ED, or going to the bathroom since I formulated a solution.”

“Once I started taking it, every time I went to the bathroom – I felt like a Bull peeing on a flat rock, my stream was so strong.”

Gary, “Do I have to have to have a prescription?”

The answer is No.

Out of frustration, a desire to live longer and to correct his prostate cancer he stumbled on a solution for BPH and an enlarged prostate.

What he created was an All-Natural-Solution so he could urinate again – when he wanted.

This all-natural solution can be used just twice a day.

In order to reverse: 

If you haven’t already,

You may have to make a mental switch from believing that prescription medication is the only solution.

Once you convince yourself that a more natural and positive solution exists, one that doesn’t even involve taking pills – then you are on your way to better sleep, better sex life and…

You will be able to ‘Unchain Yourself From The Toilet’ – just like Gary did.

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear from an actual 70-year-old man who has now found relief from enlarged prostate problems affecting his sex life and the ability to pee.

an excerpt from Gary Baldwin’s testimonial

31 Days Off of Flomax, Pissing Like a Racehorse Again and Got My Sex Life Back.”

You don’t have to take Gary’s word for it – nor mine!

Right now try the product risk-free for 30 days and if you can’t piss when you want to send the empty jar back for a full 100% Unconditional Refund!

This formula has no fillers, preservatives or stabilizers and is made in small batches…

What this means is that it can run out fast – act now before supplies run out and you get placed on the waiting list.

The formula is an all-natural cream base much like hand lotion.

Instructions are easy: you apply a small dab right onto your lower abdomen and rub it in with your hands once or twice daily.

~ That’s it!

It’s a very clean formula.  

Simply put it right on your lower abdomen (rub it in) and it absorbs right into the prostate.

Product Benefits

If you want to be able to go whenever you want to go then try this natural solution risk-free for 30 days!

For only $1 per day, you can finally piss when you want!

Only $29.95 – month – with a 100% Unconditional-Money-Back-Guarantee.


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If you want to be able to go whenever you want to go then try this natural solution risk-free for 30 days!

For only $1 per day, you can finally piss when you want!

The price of a cup of McDonalds coffee!

You can use the whole jar and return it empty – that’s how confident we are that our product works!

When nature calls… you can go when you want to go – And piss like a bull on a flat rock!

Right now there is a limited supply. 
~ I know savvy marketers all say stuff like this, but this is why we are different.
Our formula has no fillers, preservatives or stabilizers and is made in small batches…

What this means is that it can run out fast – act now before supplies run out and you get placed on the waiting list. 

If you want to be able to go whenever you want to go then try this natural solution risk-free for 30 days!


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