Hi, I’m Bill, I manage a natural health clinic in Georgia, served as a military combat medic, worked in nursing care and researched natural cures for over 20 years.  I created this site for people just like you!

IN 2009 when visiting my father, I observed that he was more confused than normal.  I monitored him carefully for a few hours pleading with him to let me take him to the hospital to get checked out. But he was too stubborn to listen – even though he knew I knew what I was talking about!

Soon after, he started repeating himself over and over like a broken record, within a minute his eyes rolled back into his head, and he collapsed onto the floor and began to convulse.  I called 911, but they were going to take too long. I immediately scooped him up and carried him to my car in his urine-soaked clothes.

Dad stroked out, lost the ability to speak, to swallow and was forever lost and confused.

If only I could have prevented this by supplying his body with more circulation, and more nitric oxide to expand his arteries to let the blood clot pass without damaging his brain permanently.

I couldn’t save my father, but perhaps I can help you!

My goal with this site is to provide real, honest, research-backed articles and information so you can use it to impact your life in a positive way.

To your health,

Bill Stiber